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Latest problems

Radio not turning on (Sony WX920BT)
Ford Falcon 2001 Station Wagon
8volts from a battery can and has run my au falcon in accessories mode and has ran my radio before, same situation, but radio doesn’t turn on, replaced fuses 3 times. Is it because of the battery

What must i do if my doors are not locking
Ford Falcon 1996 Automatic
What must i do if my car doors are not locking if i try to lock with the key only the driver's door can look other passengers doors are not

Finding sunroof fuse
Ford Falcon 2009 Sedan
Sunroof not working looking for fuse yo see if bolwen

Fuse relays
Ford Falcon 1999
Bem clicking in intervals along with what sounds like aerial motor working but no aeriel up or down after car key off and out

Flashing. Red hand. Light on. Dash
Ford Falcon 2004 Ford. Station. Wagon
I. Got. Red. Hand. With. A. Car. In. It. Flashing. On. The. Dash. Car. Will. Not. Start. Car. Such. In. 3. Gear. Will. Not. Go. Into. Park. So. I. Can. Start. It. How. Can. I. Fix. It?

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