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Latest problems

No in side lights
Ford F-250 2004 F250 supper duty
No in side lights can't find where the Fuze is

Crank / No Start with no link to PCM
Ford F-250 2003 7.3l
Customer stated it was running fine at warm-up, engine shut down and power windows quit operating. Arrived on scene, and vehicle is parked in a 30 degree incline driveway. Checked under hood basics… 

What’s going on????????
Ford F-250 2003
Just got my truck from Tanner 4x4, as they re-sealed the HPOP ($1,000). Immediately I noticed loss of horsepower. I immediately notice my “Edge” performance package was not working. Over the next few… 

Loss of power
Ford F-250 2003
“Edge performance juice box gages working but it’s not doing anything. Stays in stock mode

Dome light will not shut off
Ford F-250 1996 F 250 Diesel
Dome and cargo lights will not turn off.

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