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Latest problems

Fuse 14 blows
Ford F-150 2008 4.6L
Fuse 14 on my ford f150 2008 keeps blowing and i dont know how to repair the problem

Radio /windshields wipers
Ford F-150 1999 F150
Speakers are buzzing and popping even if the vehicle is off no keys in the ignition. And the windshield wipers just started going to the Mist cycle without the InTouch twice yesterday. I know it's a s… 

Neutral safety switch quit working after 2 days
Ford F-150 2005
Did a clutch change along with the master cylinder and slave cylinder. Installed the new neutral safety switch and after 2 days it quit working. Could tow and manually start truck no problem but not s… 

Flashing overdrive light
Ford F-150 2002 5.4
Overdrive light on shift gear shift is blinking truck runs great when you start it but when you put it in drive or reverse it sounds horrible and truck won't go and overdrive light is flashing

My truck won't move my truck will not move in Drive
Ford F-150 2002 5.4
When I get in my truck and start it up it runs fine when I put it in drive or reverse it starts running making a bloop bloop sound and it will not go I can step on the gas and it'll like Shake and til… 

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