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Latest problems

Clutch is just gone
Ford F-150 1999 Truck v-6
All of a sudden it feels like my clutch feels like there is nothing there and wont go into gear

No power to rear display
Ford F-150 2013 5.0
No tail lights, back up lights, license plate lights, and video on back up camera

Will not Start/crank. New battery,
Ford F-150 2010
Will not crank. I installed a new battery / Starter relay & fuse. Nada not even a click click click ?

Bogs down after leaving stop sign
Ford F-150 2014 3,5 Ecoboost
After stopped step on gas and there is a dead spot for a couple seconds and then runs fine

Left Turn signal flashes really fast... But right side works normally
Ford F-150 2011 Super crew cab
All left turn signal lights are working but when I use the Lsignal it hyperflashes. At first it was intermittent... but now it does it all the time... I disconnected the battery thinking it would rese… 

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