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Starter switch

Ford Explorer 2000 4.0oL 200000 miles
I tried to quick start my truck an it starts but doesnt turn over it worked fine before i did that broke starter key switch
rubiana from United States 4 years ago  

Starter drags

Ford Explorer 1995  111111 miles
A friend of mine has a mid 90's model explorer eddie bauer. His starter drags and acts as if there isnt enough juice to start it only when the engine is warmed up. When is cold or cooled down (sat for an hour or so) it starts fine. I was looking for some possible reasons for this to happen. Ive never heard of this type of problem before in my life. Thanx for any help.
crazy eyes from United States 4 years ago  

Replaced starter brand new battery still won't start

Ford Explorer 1997 4.0 100000 miles
New starter solenoid brand new battery still won't start
D.Petty from United States 8 months ago  

Same starter problem

Ford Explorer 2010 XLT 4.0 RXPLORER 97000 miles
Are those $89 to $97 starters that I see online reliable?
Lalo from United States 3 years ago  

Trouble starting

Ford Explorer 1997 4L v6 sohc 76000 miles
When you put the key in ignition and turn to start the car will not start,you turn the key to off and remove the key all the dash lights stay on only way to turn them off is disconnect the battery. We can start the car with a wire from battery to starter relay but it will not switch off and carries on running even with key out so we have to pull the battery lead off or unplug the ignition switch. The ignition switch and ignition barrel have been replaced but this has not solved the problem. Any help will be appreciated
kate from United Kingdom 4 years ago  

Wont start flashing blinking light I have power Anti-Theft

Ford Explorer 2004  140008 miles
So I have power to the car. Lights turn on checked fuses Check the starter. All good. Anti-theft, I don't know. Light is blinking rapidly when I try to start it. Please help.
Robert from United States 3 months ago  

2003 ford explorer sport trac 4L 4x4 crank but won't start

Ford Explorer 2003  120000 miles
Was running fine, went in store cam back and it wouldn't start. I checked fuel pressure and it's good. Tried starter fluid and it started. What could be the problem?
Gerard from Canada a year ago  

Engine won't turn

Ford Explorer 2004 4l ohc xlt auto 150000 miles
Car ran o. K. Yesterday. Went to start today and motor won't turn over. Removed starter and tried to turn motor over with a long wrench on the front pulley but it will not move in any direction. The motor was running normally without any noises at all yesterday. I have removed spark plugs but it still will not turn by using wrench on harmonic balance nut. Any suggestions please!!!!!!!!
dazza from Australia 3 years ago  

Car wont crank

Ford Explorer 1997 v-6 260000 miles
I have changed the battery and the starter because my car sometimes starts and then wont start. I've wiggled the ignition and the tilt steering wheel to check if it was the ignition and it started. Then i turned car off and next day would not start again. I haven't gotten the car to start again since. Maybe relay?
rene from United States 4 years ago  
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