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Air conditioning doesn't cool SolvedSolved

Ford Explorer 2007  155555 miles
Every morning I start the engine of my car and the air conditioning works properly. But as I drive to my workplace it stops cooling. I've serviced it but have been told that the real cause is that the signal does not reach the valv, which is not an air conditioning issue but an engine failure, which would be a worse and more expensive problem to solve, because catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, spark plugs and coils would need to be replaced. What is your opinion?
di from United States 5 years ago  
sylvester de United States 5 years ago
I've been working in mechanics for 25 years and it is the first time that I hear that in order to solve an air conditioning problem you need to replace all that stuff. It has nothing to do with it.
Best answer (according to di)
lecurgus de United States 5 years ago
Hey, your problem is the fan clutch, which has got an electronic sensor and it must not be working. Once this happens, the car's fan does not start and a signal is sent to the Engine Control Unit to protect the vehicle from an engine overheat.
WINNIE de United States 5 years ago
It is the sensor corresponding to the bottle where gas is supplied that fires.
Plex de New Zealand 4 years ago
Hi there I have a 2005 Ford Explorer,I'm having trouble with da engine over heating wen I drive long distance da check Gagne light starts to flash and da needle is at da H sometimes wen I drive slow it goes back to normal and wen get home and turn it off it starts smoking from da radiator can someone please tell me wat is da problem I just replaced
da engine coz I had no oil pressure and my charging system light is flashing constantly wen da truck is on I'm getting very annoyed with this truck so if anyone has da answer please don't hesitate to leave a message thanks for your help

Acceleration problems

Ford Explorer 2005  245 miles
Good morning everyone. My car is a Ford Explorer Eddi Bauer, year 2005, motor 4.6 and it is having considerable acceleration problems. What is more, the air conditioning sometimes stops cooling. I've already changed the fuel pump, the fuel filter, injectors and coils. I've even changed all of the spark plugs but the problem persists. I mostly notice that it won't accelerate properly when I'm driving on an uphill road.
bridie from United States 5 years ago  
berry de United States 5 years ago
You should check the oxygen sensors.

SPOUT shorting bar location on V8 5L. Can't find the blasted thing.

Ford Explorer 1999 Ford Explorer Limited  196000 miles
I'm trying to check for anything obvious that could cause my problem right now. The car jerks and stumbles really badly while going down the road with light pressure on the accelerator. I've changed the spark plugs, wires, and one of two coil packs. I may need to change the other one, but I want to check the base timing first. Therefore, I need to find the shorting bar. There is a small part (Ford no. F6AF-18801-AA) attached to a coil mounting screw. This is NOT it! Lots of folks on the web have misidentified this RFI cap as the SPOUT shorting bar. If anyone out there has a 99 Exploder with… Read complete
Otra vez chingado! from United States 3 years ago  

Engine won't turn

Ford Explorer 2004 4l ohc xlt auto 150000 miles
Car ran o. K. Yesterday. Went to start today and motor won't turn over. Removed starter and tried to turn motor over with a long wrench on the front pulley but it will not move in any direction. The motor was running normally without any noises at all yesterday. I have removed spark plugs but it still will not turn by using wrench on harmonic balance nut. Any suggestions please!!!!!!!!
dazza from Australia 3 years ago  

No spark turn over won start

Ford Explorer 2002 Ford explorer 4.0 214000 miles
No spark no start can yall plz help me
Frank from United States 4 years ago  

Missing at around 55mph

Ford Explorer 2003 explorer 4.0 182000 miles
My vehicle is missing at around 55 mph. I changed the spark plugs,wires, and even the coil pack.
bigdog from United States 4 years ago  
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