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My radio isnt

Ford Explorer 2002 Alt 4.6  128654 miles
My radio isn't getting power
Scotty from United States 2 years ago  

Battery replaced,now the radio doesn't work.

Ford Explorer 2007 XLT V6 4wd 3.0L 106000 miles
Replaced the Battery,now the Aerial won't go up and the radio won't go.It has the letters ADJ on the screen,which I assume means adjust. How do I do that?
Rastes from New Zealand 4 years ago  

Truck will not start no sound nothing

Ford Explorer 2002 V6 4wd. 145000 miles
I went into the store came out , and my truck did not start ,but lights and radio worked fine. When. When we tried to start it made no sound at all. I put in a new stater thinkin that was the problem and a new battery! Still nothing! Can you please help me!
Mimi from United States 4 years ago  
Kayla de United States 4 years ago
This happened to a friend. It was a bad fuse under the hood. Not the fuse box inside vehicle...the one by the battery.

Car died while driving and now it wont start

Ford Explorer 2001 4wd 187000 miles
Warning lights. Check gauge, check battery, break system and check engine are all on. Lights and radio all work. It was rattling before it died
Cilla from Australia 2 years ago  
CI de OTRO PAÍS a year ago
Nesecito la bomba balinera auxiliar de clouths de ford xlt 2003 mecanica
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