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Worrying noise

Ford Explorer 2003  160000 miles
As I start the engine of my vehicle, an annoying noise becomes audible but after driving for some minutes it sometimes stops, and others it can even be softly heard all the time. This noise has become more and more frequent and it seems as though one of the cogwheels is displaced.
mervyn from United States 5 years ago  
deanne de United States 5 years ago
Your problem are the chains, which I certainly recommend to change.
Dyer de United States 5 years ago
Broken studs cause hot air leaks and subsequent gasket damages. As it is a metal gasket it vibratres and that is the noise you hear when starting the vehicle. You should then change the studs to some more resistent ones and your problem will be solved.

Truck will not start no sound nothing

Ford Explorer 2002 V6 4wd. 145000 miles
I went into the store came out , and my truck did not start ,but lights and radio worked fine. When. When we tried to start it made no sound at all. I put in a new stater thinkin that was the problem and a new battery! Still nothing! Can you please help me!
Mimi from United States 4 years ago  
Kayla de United States 4 years ago
This happened to a friend. It was a bad fuse under the hood. Not the fuse box inside vehicle...the one by the battery.

Loud knocking in top of motor, now the truck won't start

Ford Explorer 2000 4cyl automatic  120000 miles
Truck was running, loud knocking or ticking from motor. It ran for another 15 minutes and died. Now it won't start
Judd from Canada 4 years ago  
Denise Townsend de United States 4 years ago
Vehicle has a louder than usual sound doesn't want to start when it starts doesn't want to stay running
Denise Townsend de United States 4 years ago
Does not want to start or stay running mussing while running knocking sound

Growling noise under hood bad gas mileage

Ford Explorer 1998 Columbus limited edition 170000 miles
Fuel pump has been replaced twice. Right after repair noticeable growling noise under hood while driving and sitting with engine running. Bad gas mileage. Could it be another bad fuel pump part?
Sandmein from United States 4 years ago  

Reverse problems SolvedSolved

Ford Explorer 2004  91259 miles
Two days ago I was driving backwards and, as I sped up, serious noises appeared which made me reduce speed. Ever since then, the vehicle hasn't respond properly to the reverse. Any help before all of the transmission is taken out?
etty from United States 5 years ago  
Best answer (according to etty)
etty de United States 5 years ago
Hi everyone, me again. I wanted to share that finally the problem was solved by simply changing the transmission's reverse band.

Wheel's noise SolvedSolved

Ford Explorer 2006  147 miles
Some days ago my Explorer Eddie Bauer 2006 has started presenting a strange noise in the front right wheel. It seems as if something was damaged and it is stronger every day. I've changed bearings to new ones, and I don't know what else could be the cause.
Davy from United States 5 years ago  
Best answer (according to Davy)
mitch de United States 5 years ago
Raise the front tire and check properly the bearings, one of them must be damaged.

Car died while driving and now it wont start

Ford Explorer 2001 4wd 187000 miles
Warning lights. Check gauge, check battery, break system and check engine are all on. Lights and radio all work. It was rattling before it died
Cilla from Australia 2 years ago  
CI de OTRO PAÍS a year ago
Nesecito la bomba balinera auxiliar de clouths de ford xlt 2003 mecanica

Internal electrical and windows along with 4 wheel drive died on same

Ford Explorer 2001  30000 miles
I got this car used. It's power windows went out along with the 4 wheel drive lights high aand low blink six times and the dome lights along with vanity mirror lights do not work. This all broke on the same day. No blown fuses. Relay tests SOUND like they are fine. I an not fIne a wiring diagram thAt will show all these systems on the same circuit. What can I do.
Breeze from United States 3 years ago  
Mandy de United States 3 years ago
The power windows will not work, interior lights are not working & windshield wipers won't work. All fuses & relays have been checked. Any suggestions? Need to fix ASAP...

Won't start and some acceleration problems

Ford Explorer 2011 Suv, automatic, 4 wheel drive 690000 miles
So this is the second winter in a row that I verify had to replace my battery multiple times. It's only been a week but again today my car wouldn't start. Also once my car is jumped and running game I'm having problems accelerating. If I need to accelerate quickly my check engine light will come and the car almost stalls. Then sometimes while in drive (usually I notice this when on the highway) sometimes my car will de-accelerate for a couple of seconds and I can hear a high pitched noise. I have no idea what this could be and when my car was just in to have the battery replaced my internal computer showed no other issies. I own a 2011 Ford Explorer with about 70,000 miles on it. I am the second owner and I love in Pennsylvania so our winters can be pretty cold!
CHazzard99 from United States 4 years ago  
Penny de United States 4 years ago
You had better get a transmission check Ike yesterday!

Engine won't turn

Ford Explorer 2004 4l ohc xlt auto 150000 miles
Car ran o. K. Yesterday. Went to start today and motor won't turn over. Removed starter and tried to turn motor over with a long wrench on the front pulley but it will not move in any direction. The motor was running normally without any noises at all yesterday. I have removed spark plugs but it still will not turn by using wrench on harmonic balance nut. Any suggestions please!!!!!!!!
dazza from Australia 3 years ago  

Rattle - ticking noise

Ford Explorer 2001 4x4  250000 miles
Ticking noise when motor running
Jimmy from New Zealand 4 years ago  

Only reverse workd perfectly but not on drive or other gears?

Ford Explorer 1999 Ford explorer 176000 miles
I have my 1999 Ford Explorer Sport and it only seems to work when I put it in reverse once I put it in drive or 3rd gear 2nd gear or first gear it does not want to move but the engine revs just perfectly and I think I hear a faint clicking sound everytime I start revving the engine please help me anyone have any ideas what's wrong with my truck
Charlie*Boy from United States 4 years ago  

Won't stay idled, now a beeping sound coming from dash,

Ford Explorer 1997  20000 miles
Won't stay idled, beeping coming from dash, axle has loud noise...ive replaced many sensors,
Melody from United States 4 years ago  

Oil pressure

Ford Explorer 2002 V6-4.0 manual  178920 miles
Loss of oil pressure on 2002 Ford Explorer Sport...hand flickering @check gauge light on. I replaced the oil pump and filter... Still the same...I noticed when the rpm is up to about 1.5 it picks up pressure any under that total Loss of pressure. Rattling while rpm is under 1.5as well/ over1.5 rpm No rattle...Oil pressure Gage also picking up and rattle dissappears with rpm over 1.5 rpm...what next?? Help please...
Randa1010 from United States 4 years ago  

Engine light on and low oil pressure

Ford Explorer 2005 4.0l such v6 xlt150000  150000 miles
When I start up da truck there a loud rattling noise in the engine and the drive belt is jamming causing it to turn off and the check charging system light keeps beeping
Can anyone help me out please on what is the problem
Plex from New Zealand 4 years ago  
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