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Check gage indicator

Ford Explorer 2005  227500 miles
It happened to me that after driving for five blocks, the check gage dashboard's light turned on, and as I checked the oil's pressure measurer, it was marking zero. Next I noticed that oil was certainly missing, so I recharged it to a normal rate. But as I started the engine again, the light was still on and the measurer still at a zero level. Any ideas?
judah from United States 5 years ago  
lecurgus de United States 5 years ago
I suggest using the scanner to identify whether it is the oil's pressure measurer that is not working or an oil pump's matter.
Pops de United States 4 years ago
My check gages light comes on when low on fuel

4 wheel drive does not engage

Ford Explorer 2003 Sports tract 2003 182000 miles
Light for 4 wheel drive does not light and 4x4 does not engage
Ford from Canada a year ago  

Car died while driving and now it wont start

Ford Explorer 2001 4wd 187000 miles
Warning lights. Check gauge, check battery, break system and check engine are all on. Lights and radio all work. It was rattling before it died
Cilla from Australia 2 years ago  
CI de OTRO PAÍS a year ago
Nesecito la bomba balinera auxiliar de clouths de ford xlt 2003 mecanica

No power windows or gas gauge, not working

Ford Explorer 2004 Suv/ autovía bien,,u 217000 miles
The power windows and the gas gauge doesn't work and changed the fuses
Santos from United States 4 years ago  

The gas gauge and signal lights won't work

Ford Explorer 2005 4.0 178432 miles
The turn signals will come on but not blink and the fuel Guage won't work
Vicster from United States 8 months ago  


Ford Explorer 2003 Sports tract 2003 182000 miles
Just bought the car. The 4wheel drive does not engage
Ford from Canada a year ago  

Slow starting

Ford Explorer 2003 explorer 170000 miles
First start its hard to start then gauges go crazy at first go to mx then to bottom then in right place then it will start right but after sitting a few its hard to start again
paul from United States 3 years ago  


Ford Explorer 2005 xlt 197000 miles
Does not move in any gear. Stop engine put it in drive, engine will start in drive and engage in D 1 2 3. Stop and move the lever to reverse or park the vehicle will not engage in any gear. The battery was not connected on the vehicle for two months. I reconnected the battery drove for about ten miles when the problem started. What should I do?
joseph from Trinidad and Tobago 4 years ago  

Oil pressure

Ford Explorer 2002 V6-4.0 manual  178920 miles
Loss of oil pressure on 2002 Ford Explorer Sport...hand flickering @check gauge light on. I replaced the oil pump and filter... Still the same...I noticed when the rpm is up to about 1.5 it picks up pressure any under that total Loss of pressure. Rattling while rpm is under 1.5as well/ over1.5 rpm No rattle...Oil pressure Gage also picking up and rattle dissappears with rpm over 1.5 rpm...what next?? Help please...
Randa1010 from United States 4 years ago  

The check engine light is P0761

Ford Explorer 1996 4.0 XLT 228000 miles
I have a 96 Explorer XLT and couple months ago i started my car and shifted to drive but the shifthing needle on the dashboard got stuck and doesnt move at all. I can shifted on reverse, neutral, drive, etc.. . Without a problem, however, since then the check engine light when on and the scanner show the code P0761( shift solenoid C Performance/ Stuck off) can somebody help me with this. The car runs perfect, no problems at all. Thank you
Victor from United States 4 years ago  
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