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Can not find location of fuse for the heater

Ford Explorer 2002 LXT 250000250000 miles
Can not find the location of fuse for the heater in owners manual
Bigal from Canada 8 months ago  

Location of rear drivers side power window fuse

Ford Explorer 2003 4 lt 60000 miles
Don't know location of the fuse for the rear drivers side power window is
robbie from Canada 3 years ago  

Internal electrical and windows along with 4 wheel drive died on same

Ford Explorer 2001  30000 miles
I got this car used. It's power windows went out along with the 4 wheel drive lights high aand low blink six times and the dome lights along with vanity mirror lights do not work. This all broke on the same day. No blown fuses. Relay tests SOUND like they are fine. I an not fIne a wiring diagram thAt will show all these systems on the same circuit. What can I do.
Breeze from United States 3 years ago  
Mandy de United States 3 years ago
The power windows will not work, interior lights are not working & windshield wipers won't work. All fuses & relays have been checked. Any suggestions? Need to fix ASAP...

No power windows or gas gauge, not working

Ford Explorer 2004 Suv/ autovía bien,,u 217000 miles
The power windows and the gas gauge doesn't work and changed the fuses
Santos from United States 4 years ago  

Door keypad and keyless entry fobs and alarm stopped working

Ford Explorer 1997 4.0 v6 173000 miles
My 97 explorer has keyless entry and factory alarm and it just stopped working ive checked fuses they are not blown and im lost as to why it stopped working all of a sudden
KevK from United States 4 months ago  

Wont start flashing blinking light I have power Anti-Theft

Ford Explorer 2004  140008 miles
So I have power to the car. Lights turn on checked fuses Check the starter. All good. Anti-theft, I don't know. Light is blinking rapidly when I try to start it. Please help.
Robert from United States 5 months ago  

Power failure

Ford Explorer 1998 Explorer 4x4 4.0 170000 miles
Bought the explorer a week ago. Had to jump start it to move it. Only blinkers and hazards were not working. Got it home and pulled battery to charge, checked fuses, then next day installed battery that was in it. When truck was fired up and running. Found that the power windows, interior overhead lights(dome), stopped working, the 4x4 hi/low range indicator light on dash is blinking+switch on dash will not do anything either, went today for another test drive and when I got back ,shut off engine, battery was dead,no start. Different battery in truck running- volt meter read 13.5. Is there a control module for these items. And do i replace alt due to low output.
Larry from United States 5 months ago  

Lost of power in my 1998 ford explorer

Ford Explorer 1998 SUV 198005 miles
Hi my name is Josh

I have a 1998 ford explorer, I had went and renewed all the big relays in my 1998 ford explorer, then sadly I somehow lost all the powet to everything in my 1998 ford explorer, and I want to know if you can help me with this kind of problem that I am having, and what can I fix it? As the battery is all new, and I also renewed all the fuses in my 1998 ford explorer as well, so can you please help me with this kind of problem that I am having? Thank you
Josh from Australia 3 years ago  

Pcm has no power

Ford Explorer 1999 Explorer sport 100500 miles
No power to the PCM no check engine light on when key is in the on position relay's and fuses good OBD 2 can't make connection
Pops from United States 4 years ago  

Ebs light came on shut off engine and when try to re start no power i

Ford Explorer 1998  222222 miles
I did throw it in park hard did i break in stiring coumble fuse are good
jedi from United States 4 years ago  

Will not come out of park

Ford Explorer 1997 Two door 150000 miles
Tried to fix rear upper brake light light still don't work but now it won't go in gear is it a fuse or relay please help
Tracy from United States 4 years ago  
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