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The check engine light is P0761

Ford Explorer 1996 4.0 XLT 228000 miles
I have a 96 Explorer XLT and couple months ago i started my car and shifted to drive but the shifthing needle on the dashboard got stuck and doesnt move at all. I can shifted on reverse, neutral, drive, etc.. . Without a problem, however, since then the check engine light when on and the scanner show the code P0761( shift solenoid C Performance/ Stuck off) can somebody help me with this. The car runs perfect, no problems at all. Thank you
Victor from United States 4 years ago  

Engine light on and low oil pressure

Ford Explorer 2005 4.0l such v6 xlt150000  150000 miles
When I start up da truck there a loud rattling noise in the engine and the drive belt is jamming causing it to turn off and the check charging system light keeps beeping
Can anyone help me out please on what is the problem
Plex from New Zealand 4 years ago  

Shifting problem

Ford Explorer 2003 4.0L,2wd,automatic 145000 miles
Just installed a used transmission and when I take off it won't shift out of first gear unless you let completely off the accelerator and the check engine light came on and the overdrive off light flashes continuously until you turn ignition off what is the problem?
Jase from United States 4 years ago  
Ray Jenkins de United States 4 years ago
Your first mistake was a used trasmission. Todays trans missions are like everything else. Planned obsolencece. Just like your tires, brakes, belts, hose's', ect... i've been building these things over 40 years and they are made to fail. Junk yard transmission are the worst

Car died while driving and now it wont start

Ford Explorer 2001 4wd 187000 miles
Warning lights. Check gauge, check battery, break system and check engine are all on. Lights and radio all work. It was rattling before it died
Cilla from Australia 2 years ago  
CI de OTRO PAÍS a year ago
Nesecito la bomba balinera auxiliar de clouths de ford xlt 2003 mecanica

Won't start and some acceleration problems

Ford Explorer 2011 Suv, automatic, 4 wheel drive 690000 miles
So this is the second winter in a row that I verify had to replace my battery multiple times. It's only been a week but again today my car wouldn't start. Also once my car is jumped and running game I'm having problems accelerating. If I need to accelerate quickly my check engine light will come and the car almost stalls. Then sometimes while in drive (usually I notice this when on the highway) sometimes my car will de-accelerate for a couple of seconds and I can hear a high pitched noise. I have no idea what this could be and when my car was just in to have the battery replaced my internal computer showed no other issies. I own a 2011 Ford Explorer with about 70,000 miles on it. I am the second owner and I love in Pennsylvania so our winters can be pretty cold!
CHazzard99 from United States 4 years ago  
Penny de United States 4 years ago
You had better get a transmission check Ike yesterday!

Transmission won't go into any gear

Ford Explorer 2002 v6 4.0 201506 miles
My explorer was doing fine and all of the sudden I went to leave the store and it won't go into any gear at all park works fine no OD light flashing and no check engine light on so no codes what can it be
Muddboges from United States 4 months ago  

Pcm has no power

Ford Explorer 1999 Explorer sport 100500 miles
No power to the PCM no check engine light on when key is in the on position relay's and fuses good OBD 2 can't make connection
Pops from United States 4 years ago  

Obd code p1729

Ford Explorer 1997 4.0 xlt 105000 miles
Just bought 97 explorer put 100 miles on it check engine life came on reading p1729 any try at home suggestions
Gordon from United States 4 years ago  
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