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Changed alternator and new battery

Ford Explorer 1998 4.0 350000 miles
We have a 1998 ford explorer we have changed the alternator and it has a new battery. It will start and run for awhile then it shut off and the battery winds up dead. What could it be?
cnmnjrn from United States 4 years ago  
Rory de Canada 3 years ago
Same problem. Any answers? Also compressor for air ride runs when ever it wants.

Replaced starter brand new battery still won't start

Ford Explorer 1997 4.0 100000 miles
New starter solenoid brand new battery still won't start
D.Petty from United States a year ago  

Battery replaced,now the radio doesn't work.

Ford Explorer 2007 XLT V6 4wd 3.0L 106000 miles
Replaced the Battery,now the Aerial won't go up and the radio won't go.It has the letters ADJ on the screen,which I assume means adjust. How do I do that?
Rastes from New Zealand 4 years ago  

Truck will not start no sound nothing

Ford Explorer 2002 V6 4wd. 145000 miles
I went into the store came out , and my truck did not start ,but lights and radio worked fine. When. When we tried to start it made no sound at all. I put in a new stater thinkin that was the problem and a new battery! Still nothing! Can you please help me!
Mimi from United States 4 years ago  
Kayla de United States 4 years ago
This happened to a friend. It was a bad fuse under the hood. Not the fuse box inside vehicle...the one by the battery.

Back up camera

Ford Explorer 2013 xlt 65000 miles
Camera is showing everything on opposite side. Then it goes back to normal, changed battery and also rebooted mytouch
Teresa from United States 3 years ago  
Teresa de United States 3 years ago
Ford found that the wires going to camera and sensor were corroded. Ford also gave me an 12mth extended warranty for the MYTouch, beings its all connected. It will cost me $100 bucks out the door for both the sensor and camera.

Trouble starting

Ford Explorer 1997 4L v6 sohc 76000 miles
When you put the key in ignition and turn to start the car will not start,you turn the key to off and remove the key all the dash lights stay on only way to turn them off is disconnect the battery. We can start the car with a wire from battery to starter relay but it will not switch off and carries on running even with key out so we have to pull the battery lead off or unplug the ignition switch. The ignition switch and ignition barrel have been replaced but this has not solved the problem. Any help will be appreciated
kate from United Kingdom 4 years ago  

Car died while driving and now it wont start

Ford Explorer 2001 4wd 187000 miles
Warning lights. Check gauge, check battery, break system and check engine are all on. Lights and radio all work. It was rattling before it died
Cilla from Australia 2 years ago  
CI de OTRO PAÍS a year ago
Nesecito la bomba balinera auxiliar de clouths de ford xlt 2003 mecanica

Running lights

Ford Explorer 2002 ford explorer 0 miles
Running lights wont shut off. Have to disconnect battery.
laraine from Canada 4 years ago  
Tezza de Australia 3 years ago
Change relay in the motor

Won't start and some acceleration problems

Ford Explorer 2011 Suv, automatic, 4 wheel drive 690000 miles
So this is the second winter in a row that I verify had to replace my battery multiple times. It's only been a week but again today my car wouldn't start. Also once my car is jumped and running game I'm having problems accelerating. If I need to accelerate quickly my check engine light will come and the car almost stalls. Then sometimes while in drive (usually I notice this when on the highway) sometimes my car will de-accelerate for a couple of seconds and I can hear a high pitched noise. I have no idea what this could be and when my car was just in to have the battery replaced my internal computer showed no other issies. I own a 2011 Ford Explorer with about 70,000 miles on it. I am the second owner and I love in Pennsylvania so our winters can be pretty cold!
CHazzard99 from United States 4 years ago  
Penny de United States 4 years ago
You had better get a transmission check Ike yesterday!

We think its Intake Gasket but not sure

Ford Explorer 1999 Ford Explorer Sport 200000 miles
Will crank over but will not start Was having a hard cold Start up in the mornings now it will not start. It will crank over. Already had batterie and alternator replaced
Stormy from United States 4 years ago  

Power failure

Ford Explorer 1998 Explorer 4x4 4.0 170000 miles
Bought the explorer a week ago. Had to jump start it to move it. Only blinkers and hazards were not working. Got it home and pulled battery to charge, checked fuses, then next day installed battery that was in it. When truck was fired up and running. Found that the power windows, interior overhead lights(dome), stopped working, the 4x4 hi/low range indicator light on dash is blinking+switch on dash will not do anything either, went today for another test drive and when I got back ,shut off engine, battery was dead,no start. Different battery in truck running- volt meter read 13.5. Is there a control module for these items. And do i replace alt due to low output.
Larry from United States 6 months ago  

IGN problem or anti theft

Ford Explorer 2006 4.0 122000 miles
Will not do anything turn key on no dash lights anti theft light not blinking. Battery voltage is at 12.5 volts. Door chime not working with key in IGN with door open.
Fred from United States 2 years ago  

Lost of power in my 1998 ford explorer

Ford Explorer 1998 SUV 198005 miles
Hi my name is Josh

I have a 1998 ford explorer, I had went and renewed all the big relays in my 1998 ford explorer, then sadly I somehow lost all the powet to everything in my 1998 ford explorer, and I want to know if you can help me with this kind of problem that I am having, and what can I fix it? As the battery is all new, and I also renewed all the fuses in my 1998 ford explorer as well, so can you please help me with this kind of problem that I am having? Thank you
Josh from Australia 3 years ago  

Left indicator stays on.

Ford Explorer 1998 4.0 xlt automatic  150000 miles
I replaced battery. Now the left indictor is always on ,even when keys are removed from the ignition. Indicator is not flashing but on all the time. I do not have remote entry. I hav to disconnect the battery to stop it flattening the battery. Now the right indicator is Always flashing too. Please help me!!thanks
dazza from Australia 4 years ago  

Stu k I. 4 low

Ford Explorer 1994  130000 miles
Stuck in 4 low, was working fine before battery died. Now won't do anything but stay in 4 low
Warwoman from United States 4 years ago  


Ford Explorer 2005 xlt 197000 miles
Does not move in any gear. Stop engine put it in drive, engine will start in drive and engage in D 1 2 3. Stop and move the lever to reverse or park the vehicle will not engage in any gear. The battery was not connected on the vehicle for two months. I reconnected the battery drove for about ten miles when the problem started. What should I do?
joseph from Trinidad and Tobago 4 years ago  

Car wont crank

Ford Explorer 1997 v-6 260000 miles
I have changed the battery and the starter because my car sometimes starts and then wont start. I've wiggled the ignition and the tilt steering wheel to check if it was the ignition and it started. Then i turned car off and next day would not start again. I haven't gotten the car to start again since. Maybe relay?
rene from United States 4 years ago  
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