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Latest problems

My car is driving but doesn't have power and its using too much petrol
Ford Escort 2000 Cvh
My car doesn't have power using too much petrol and the engineerings says my top is working 100% they suggested that maybe on wearings can someone help

Engine wont start
Ford Escort 1989 Ford Escort ..
Escort RST S2, 1.6 CVH Turbo engine with...MFI hydro F. I (fuel injection. KE jetronic...system. The engine ran...then woerk was done...too the the engine wont run? There is sparks at th… 

I need to know the color of the wire that goes to the rear window defr
Ford Escort 1999 Zx2
My old rear window defroster switch is missing the wires have been cut I need to know which wire's go to the rear window defroster and what color they are and we're located if possible thank you

Water fuel system and will turn over but not start
Ford Escort 1994 Wagon
Won't start but will crank over. We changed fuel filter and found water. Also found a hose unhooked what do I do next?

Battery losing charge
Ford Escort 1997 Hatchback
My battery died and had that replaced then had a new alternator fitted also a new starter motor and wiring. I took it for a 20 minute drive. When I got home my wife 10 mins later went to go out and it… 

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