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Latest problems

Car sounds like a rod is knocking but it's not
Ford Escort 1996 Lx 1.9
Car was running was checking fuses on inside of car pulled a fuse out it blowed it. Looked on panel says engine replaced fuse w/correct amp & now has no power & is knocking when I first start… 

My car won't crank up
Ford Escort 1994 1.9 hatchback
My car was running fine yesterday I got in my car today it crunk up one Time I went to the store cut it off and it won't crank back up it made a clicking sound once that's it and then my fuel cutout l… 

No starting
Ford Escort 1996 Escort
It's doesn't have spark. I've changed the coilpack, but it's still doing the same. What could be the problem?

My sync won’t respond to touchscreen
Ford Escort 2015 Titanium
The sink is messed up I cannot use the touchscreen and it will not act normal there is it’s been going off and on for sometime but now it’s nothing so no touchscreen will activate anything on it

My car is driving but doesn't have power and its using too much petrol
Ford Escort 2000 Cvh
My car doesn't have power using too much petrol and the engineerings says my top is working 100% they suggested that maybe on wearings can someone help

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