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Alternator keep failing

Ford Escape 2001 Escape 3000 miles
Alternator keep failing have change it more than 10 time
Tomm from Nigeria 13 days ago  

Our suv dont have sound all of a sudden can u tell me the peoblem u th

Ford Escape 2008 Suv 200000 miles
No sound in our system all of a sudden canr figure out y
Apedog123456789 from United States 2 months ago  

Starting Issues

Ford Escape 2017 SE 4wd 1.5 engine 116036 miles
When I turn my car off for the night and turn it back on the next morning it's stalls a bit before it start and then my parking break warning flashes on my dashboard I never seen it or hear act like this before.
Netta from United States 2 months ago  

Engine jerking

Ford Escape 2003 ford wagon v6 3.0L 231000 miles
I have ford escape 2003 v6 3.0L. While i was moving the car the engine will jerk. Previously there was a problem with the battery light flashing and had changed the alternator and the problem of the battery light was resolved. But the jerking problem is not solved. I already changed the spark plug but i found there was a bit oil licking on spark plug part. Is that the cause of the problem or is there another problem?
ivan from Australia 3 months ago  

Problema con el parking

Ford Escape 2008  200000 miles
Mi ford escape 2008 hibrida 4 cil si la estaciono en una calle por muy pequeña que se la inclinacion se va la camioneta para adelante o para atras dependiendo como se estaciono,quisiera saber el problema,la prendo sin ningun problema en parking
Elizandro from OTRO PAÍS 4 months ago  

Needs to be jump started

Ford Escape 2014 Escape 1.6 liter 95182 miles
My battery is 1 yr old but I have to jump start it sometimes
SlimWadey from United States 4 months ago  

Ford Escape transmission problems

Ford Escape 2011 Ford Escape Limited 3.0 140000 miles
2011 Ford Escape 3.0 f635 transmission won't go into reverse unless you step on the throttle and then it barely goes in any ideas
Ftrain from United States a year ago  

Battery light pn alternator not charging

Ford Escape 2008  140111 miles
Have replaced alternator 2 times still doing same thing
skeeter from United States a year ago  
1 answer 
xtina from United States a month ago
2002 ford escape same problem

Battery dies

Ford Escape 2006 V6 100000 miles
I changed alternator aNd battery already but still same issue The battery light comes on and my battery overcharges And it has been hit and miss issue. It died and had towed to garage the boosted it and it fan great for a week and started same issue so we changed battery and alternator. Worked great next day 2 Nd day after battery light back on And over charging again turned it off and restarted next day to put in bay and everything read Good readings worked good again for 2 days but yesterday showed battery light and today it is dead again. The garage checked the main connection from alternator to battery and said it looks good? Recent work has been gas thing on frame changed and new spark plugs!
Coyotes1965 from Canada a year ago  

MAP sensor for Ford Escape 2009 6 cylinder

Ford Escape 2009 6 cylinder 2wd 12000 miles
I've replaced both 02 sensors in last 6 months. Now it is the MAP sensor. Where is it located?
LeeAnn from United States 2 years ago  

Locked out of radio

Ford Escape 2008  80000 miles
Battery changed...and locked out of ref/numbers in glove box...any ideas...thanks
Knoath41 from New Zealand 2 years ago  

When at low RPM the transmission / engine shutters when shifting

Ford Escape 2014 2.0 ecoboost 120000 miles
This problem seems to happen more when the engine is under a load, going up a hill or accelerating from low RPM. If i shift in to the Sport mode it does not do it as much.

Thank you
jparker2005 from United States 2 years ago  

Radiator fan don’t work

Ford Escape 2017 Radiator fan don’t work  25000 miles
Radiator fan don’t work with AC also
Azad from OTHER COUNTRY 2 years ago  

Raditor fan run all the time and won't turn off even when cold

Ford Escape 2004 2.3litre 157000 miles
Fan keeps running even when cold causing car hard to start battery going flat
Matty from Australia 3 years ago  


Ford Escape 2014 1.6 litre 70000 miles
Water leaked and kept overheating. Kept having to refill. Heard bad things about the head gaskets and got rid of it...have a 2016 escape far so good.
Gord from Canada 3 years ago  

Blown plug replaced and running worse

Ford Escape 2002 ford escape 281275 miles
The repair shop changed my spark plugs when it was the egr valve that needed replaced a week later the plug blew out. I took it back they said they fixed it. It is now smoking when i start it and wont idle
allie from United States 3 years ago  
1 answer 
chev man from Canada 3 years ago
Stay away from that shop

Location of fuel filter

Ford Escape 2005  100000 miles
I'm trying to locate the fuel filter on my 2005 Ford Escape. Any help?. . .
Bobbytx from United States 3 years ago  

Location of fuel filter

Ford Escape 2005  100000 miles
I'm trying to locate the fuel filter on my 2005 Ford Escape. Any help?. . .
Bobbytx from United States 3 years ago  

Rear exhaust manifold needs replacing

Ford Escape 2001 V6 80000 miles
Access to bolts on exhaust manifold
Rdb2 from United States 3 years ago  

Engine does not start

Ford Escape 2002 escape 3.0 auto 198000 miles
Engine does not turn over. All dash lights come on and go off normally. Headlights work. Door locks can be cycled with fob. Can unlock shifter and it will move but mashing brake will not release shifter.
Hawkman from United States 3 years ago  

Problem light

Ford Escape 2014  12006 miles
“Pass airbag off” is on, what is the problem?
Carlikey from Canada 3 years ago  
1 answer 
Gord from Canada 3 years ago
See if anything is on the seat

Engine light on in dash panel

Ford Escape 2010 SUV 2.3 Ltr. 4 cyl 85000 miles
Had torque converter lock up problem , the transmission was change and after that the engine light in dash has been coming on. Have fitted two new Ego sensors $$$$$$ as fault code said it was that area. No one can fix it
Help please !!!!!!!!
Cheers Tim Lucas
Timbo from Australia 3 years ago  
1 answer 
Timbo from Australia 3 years ago
All good ,
Have had S/hand exhaust catalyst fitted , now been 5 days and No light on. Cheers Tim 🍺🍺👍

No start dash won't light up

Ford Escape 2009 Hatchback 3.0 liter 160897 miles
Would not start ,only air bag light on. Radio works wirpers work. Powe pr every ware no start
Mytie from Canada 3 years ago  

No horn, and airbag light randomly lights up

Ford Escape 2004 Column shift, roughly 27000 ks on clock  27000 miles
I bought my car off facebook, 4 months ago, didn't see, hear or find anything wrong with it until a month ago I went to use my horn and it didn't work,
The other day the airbag light started flashing and now it comes nd goes randomly... also when I press on the horn the whole thing caves in then pops out, does this mean my car has no airbags? And is that the reason I have no horn?
KimberlyCaucasian from Australia 3 years ago  
1 answer 
Marco Antonio from OTRO PAÍS 2 years ago
Se me rompio una rejilla del conducto trasero del aire acondicionado trasero de mi ford escape 2014 como se desensamblan o retiran esas rejillas

Locked out - battery dead

Ford Escape 2014 titanium 15000 miles
Came back from extended holiday and found car battery completely dead. Result? Can't get in the car to open the hood to boost. Help...
G.W.G. from Canada 3 years ago  
1 answer 
Gord from Canada 3 years ago
Use a key that came with the car

Overdrive light keeps flashing

Ford Escape 2002 escape 333000 miles
The overdrive light keeps flashing how do i turn it off n why is this happening
clive from Australia 3 years ago  

Starting my car

Ford Escape 2003 automatic 184000 miles
My car needs to be rocked to get it to start
Rose from United States 4 years ago  

Loud noice stops after 5 min

Ford Escape 2004  2000 miles
Sounds like motor is off motor mount
Debdeb from United States 4 years ago  

Rodent chewed soy-based wiring

Ford Escape 2016 Wiring  7200 miles
2016 Ford Escape lights would not turn on and engine light was on. Ford Dealeshhip serviceman said rodents chewed through the wiring, which is not covered under warranty. After investigating further, found out that Ford uses a soy based product to coat wiring which attracks mice, rats, squirrels. Out $1200, not happy
Unhappy owner from United States 4 years ago  

Phantom overheating

Ford Escape 2013 Escape Fwd 1.6L 60000 miles
Vehicle will not produce heat at idle and will give x3 low coolant warnings then overheat and shut down. Also have a video of it sitting for 9hours and turn ignition to on position, it suddenly overheats warning with it not even running and pegs temp gauge.
Pat Roy from Canada 4 years ago  
2 answers 
Gilly from Australia 4 years ago
Hey mate maybe change your thermostat i had the same problem in a different car. Was just a faulty thermostat.
Johno from Australia 4 years ago
You, got it write,part has 5 hose going to it

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