Why is the oil light on?

Why is the oil light on?

Your Escape PHEV‘s oil light may come on because of the following reasons:

  • Low oil level: your Escape PHEV may have an oil leak, or it may be burning oil.
  • A faulty oil pressure sensor: the oil pressure sensor may be damaged, dirty or unplugged.
  • A bad oil pump: the oil pump may not be pumping the amount of oil it should. In this case, it should be replaced.
  • Worn-out piston rings: if these rings are worn-out, there will be excessive oil consumption which may be accompanied by white or gray smoke. Worn-out piston rings may also be identified by the slow acceleration of your Escape PHEV.
  • Wrong motor oil: if the oil that you use for your Escape PHEV has a lower viscosity than the required one, there might be leaks and the oil may drip into the piston rings and the valve seals. If the oil is too thick, the oil flow will decrease while its pressure will be higher than it should. This may lead to engine failures. If you want to know more about the different oil types and which one is the right one for your Escape PHEV you can read the following article: What engine oil does your Escape PHEV need?

⚠️ No matter what made the warning light turn on, you should try to solve the problem immediately since the engine of your Escape PHEV may be in danger.

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Ford Escape PHEV problems: the oil light

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