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Latest problems

Jerking while driving
Ford Escape 2018 Suv
My car when I started feel
Like someone is pressing the gas and now when driving jerking

Car needs jumped
Ford Escape 2020 Escape sport
My escape wont start if its sat all night. If driven everyday starts fine but hit or miss will have no power steering or dash lights or radio or windows. These happen separately or all together. If dr… 

No power like there's no battery in it
Ford Escape 2013
Installed new battery and nothing, no lights , no anything and the battery is new and fullly charged , but if i put my jump pack on it ,it will do some clicking under the hood i can start it for mayb… 

Will the powertrain control module keep my 2014 Ford Escape from start
Ford Escape 2014 Hatchback
It won't start or even think to start over turn over

Overdrive not an option
Ford Escape 2005 XLT V6 3.0
I wanted to change out my shifter know bc mine was broken and crackled. When I bought the new one I was unaware that I bought one that fit a manual shifter as mine was an automatic with overdrive butt… 

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