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Loud noice stops after 5 min
Ford Escape 2004
Sounds like motor is off motor mount

Rodent chewed soy-based wiring
Ford Escape 2016 Wiring
2016 Ford Escape lights would not turn on and engine light was on. Ford Dealeshhip serviceman said rodents chewed through the wiring, which is not covered under warranty. After investigating further,… 

Phantom overheating
Ford Escape 2013 Escape Fwd 1.6L
Vehicle will not produce heat at idle and will give x3 low coolant warnings then overheat and shut down. Also have a video of it sitting for 9hours and turn ignition to on position, it suddenly overhe… 

The door ajar switch
Ford Escape 2005
When I lock doors alarm goes off and light on the inside goes off and on and now the door open light flashes and dings

Engine bearings
Ford Escape 2006 Suv
Bearings in the engine have gone,is this a major and is it expensive?

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