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When at low RPM the transmission / engine shutters when shifting
Ford Escape 2014 2.0 ecoboost
This problem seems to happen more when the engine is under a load, going up a hill or accelerating from low RPM. If i shift in to the Sport mode it does not do it as much.

Thank you

Radiator fan don’t work
Ford Escape 2017 Radiator fan don’t work
Radiator fan don’t work with AC also

Raditor fan run all the time and won't turn off even when cold
Ford Escape 2004 2.3litre
Fan keeps running even when cold causing car hard to start battery going flat

Ford Escape 2014 1.6 litre
Water leaked and kept overheating. Kept having to refill. Heard bad things about the head gaskets and got rid of it...have a 2016 escape far so good.

Blown plug replaced and running worse
Ford Escape 2002 ford escape
The repair shop changed my spark plugs when it was the egr valve that needed replaced a week later the plug blew out. I took it back they said they fixed it. It is now smoking when i start it and wont… 

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