Electronic control unit problems

Electronic control unit: Engine Control Unit. It regulates all the aspects related to the engine's proper functioning.
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ENGINE light on

Ford E-350 2004 Econoline e350 srw 5.4 SOHC/EFI V8 gasoline 2004 297064 miles
I will like to know either the description, definition, I mean something on the following Engine codes DTC5284 and DTC9352. Now 1- on the ECU “works” just OBD to Scanner (solus) keeps waiting for ECU callback (haven’t bothered to check OWNERS ORDERS) 2- Air intake makes a hauling noise IDLE only (noise continues after removing [Air intake induction] from manifold briefly) 3- brake pedal go down slow & smooth Went pressings gently on hard braking is perfect “speed and weight” makes no difference *** propane and brake cleaner it’s been used in commonly reachable suspected areas with no resul… Read complete
I’m hereby from United States 4 years ago  
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