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Latest problems

I'm trying to take the starter out but there's a screw that won't come
Ford Contour 2000 4 door 6 cylinder
I have a 2000 Ford Contour I'm trying to take the screw out of the starter but I can't resulting from a dog attack and punitive damages for pain

Speedometer/wiring problem
Ford Contour 1998 Ford Contour
Found wires in my engine not connected to anything. Want to know where they need to go. And if it is the reason my speedometer don't work?

Slow on HWY
Ford Contour 2006
Cannot go faster than 70km/h on a 100km/h hwy

What do i do. Please reply step by step.

Car trys to start but will not
Ford Contour 1997
Car turns over but trys to start but want had fire at pluge wires and fuel at fuel rack

Transmission engine
Ford Contour 1996 gl 2.0 automatic 4cylinder
My car starts well reverses and parks well 1 gears is good second gear is good but drive isnt. I put it in drive and it takes off smoothly but when its supposed to kick in to second gear it's accelera… 

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