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Latest problems

Stereo screen
Chevrolet Vectra 2008
Hello, on the stereo screen I can only see: the time, temperature, date, timer, autonomy and average speed. I cannot see neither the radio stations nor the music information, and I cannot acces the st… 

Chevrolet Vectra 2003
Hello, the problem with my vehicle is that, when stopped at traffic light, it purrs continuously. I need to set a gear so that the annoying noise disappears. But since yesterday, gears cannot be chang… 

Engine noise
Chevrolet Vectra 2008
When starting the engine, all the lights are working but the engine makes a clicking noise repeatedly. I was told it could be the battery, but I really do not know what to do. If I change the battery,… 

Starting when cold
Chevrolet Vectra 2006
Good afternoon, I have a Vectra 2006 v6 with 90000 miles and, when starting it in the morning, it accelerates normally at the beginning but immediately starts failing. It is only after I turn the engi… 

Window failure and two horn sounds
Chevrolet Vectra 2007
Once I turn the car off, a window is opened and it does not close. So what I do is to raise it with the electric window raising system. After activating the central locking, two horn sounds are heard,… 

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