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Key won't come out.
Chevrolet Trax 2015 SUV 4 door
Key will not come out not turning to lock position. The car is still on account only way I can get it to turn all the way off is to disconnect battery.

Hot smell and low coolent
Chevrolet Trax 2016
Trax is smelling hot No lights on but coolent was low

Intermittent Coolant vapor Odor and nearly imperceptible Coolant Loss
Chevrolet Trax 2015 1.4l ecotec turbo
Occasional coolant smell and nearly imperceptible coolant loss was traced to the turbo. Over time, maybe 5 ounces of coolant dripped on the indoor garage floor... Inspection of the engine compartment… 

Coolant loss , due to turbo
Chevrolet Trax 2016
1/2 gal coolant every three will pay 1/4. Not acceptable

Air Filter Cabin Replacement
Chevrolet Trax 2015
2015 Chevy Trax. Check Engine Light came on. Shop says the code tells them the Air Filter cabin let’s too much air and sensor won’t pick it up. Says it’s common for the Trax 2015-2018. Anyone else ha… 

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