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Latest problems

Blinking red light car will not start until the light stays on 25/7.
Chevrolet Tracker 2001 V62.5. 4door Chevy tracker
I have a small black box underneath my steering wheel and attached to it there is some wires and a red light and also two little sensors. I don't know what the box is and I don't know how to get the r… 

Hissing noise, not shifting right
Chevrolet Tracker 2002 Tracker/2.5 liter V6
Starting out doesn't shift smoothly. Seems to windout to long between shifts. Making a hissing noise that sounds like air escaping.

Throttle body fuel injection
Chevrolet Tracker 1993 1.6 engine
It just quite,if it’s not getting power to injectors

Headlight and heater fan on with no key in ignition
Chevrolet Tracker 2001
My heather fan is on with no key in the ignition and my headlight turn on by it self still with no key in the ignition

Steering problems
Chevrolet Tracker 2000
Steering becomes stiff then loose then stiff then loose while turning the steering wheel

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