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4l60e transmission problem

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2007 lt crewcab 4.8 214696 miles
Bought the truck used, it ran fine for bout a year then transmission starts acting strange. Wouldnt shift out of second gear, troublecode po967, low voltage shift solenoid b. I changed that still no imporovement. Changed ignition switch cuz everyone was saying it had a voltage drop at the switch, still didnt fix it. I found a bad ground wire so i fixed that, kind of improved but now the speedometer doesnt work sometimes and when it isnt working it wont shift out of second gear. But when it is working i have to shift manually for it to work correctly other wise when taking off from a stop it will start off in 3rd gear. Troublecode still only shows p0967. One other thing aotomatic door locks dont work
youngblood48 from United States 5 years ago  
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V Drive from United States a year ago
Exactly! Replaced trans, worked a few months then 2nd gear, replaced input speed sensor twice and entire ignition.

Fob won’t open or close doors

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2003 Door locks 200000 miles
Replace fob batteries and door lock fuse (50 amp) is good still won’t respond to opening or closing doors with fob
Gilles from Canada 2 months ago  

3rd break light wont shut off.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2011 5.3 175000 miles
I replaced the whole break light and the bulbs too. When I shut the door and then off all the light and lock the door the 3rd break light wont shut off it will stay on till battery dies. I was told to cut yellow wire but that didn't fix it either. What can I do to have a break light and lights when driving but need help them to shut off when I shut off the lights. Where do I locate the problem fuse box under the hood or I was told maybe a fuse or a plug in under the break pedal I have unplugged all of them but it still stays on.
Mike D from United States 7 months ago  
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