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My battery is draining.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2009 1500 V8 5.3L 265746 miles
Well it all started one day when i went to the store for lunch turned off my truck went in then came back out, went to start my truck the dash came on as normal, then when i went to start it i turned the key and lost all power everything was gone i coulndt even us my remote to lock/unlock. I tried boosting it and nothing you could just hear the starter click. Eventually i got it towed home took out the battery charged it put it back in and it worked. Then it sat over night about 12hrs and the same thing lost all power. I have checked my alternator its good checked the fuses the seem good. But… Read complete
Fath from Canada 6 years ago  
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Pete from United States 6 months ago
My dome light kept sticking on and that was draining my battery every night.
Gonza R from Argentina 6 months ago
Check out door switches. If one of them is failing the light keeps on.

3rd break light wont shut off.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2011 5.3 175000 miles
I replaced the whole break light and the bulbs too. When I shut the door and then off all the light and lock the door the 3rd break light wont shut off it will stay on till battery dies. I was told to cut yellow wire but that didn't fix it either. What can I do to have a break light and lights when driving but need help them to shut off when I shut off the lights. Where do I locate the problem fuse box under the hood or I was told maybe a fuse or a plug in under the break pedal I have unplugged all of them but it still stays on.
Mike D from United States 7 months ago  
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