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Latest problems

Acceleration stops when it rains
Chevrolet Optra 2006
During heavy rain car started to slow down and stopped, but engine still on. Tried to step on the gas meter indicator moves but car not moving. But after few days it runs normal again

Hard start
Chevrolet Optra 2011 Sedan
When it is raining and the water may be comes inside the engine it becomes a problem for to start the car again. I've to give it time approximately 30 to 45minutes before it can start again. Can you p… 

Chevrolet Optra 2010 Sedan, 1.6, manual
Hi, I forgot to close the coolent reservior cap and drove the car almost 50KM. Seddenly i saw the temperature guage on H and stop the car. After 20 minutes i filled up coolent and start driving. After… 

The airbag (SRS) is always LIT.
Chevrolet Optra 2009 Sedan
The airbag indicator light is always LIT and not switching off. The power fuse is okay. Scanning was done, however, there is no fault was located. Please advise.

A car body chevrolet optra 2008
Chevrolet Optra 2008 manual
Please I need a car body chevrolet optra 2008

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