Coolant or antifreeze problems

Coolant or antifreeze: Green or pink-colored liquid specifically designed to be used inside of the engine as a refrigerant.
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Coolant Light

Chevrolet HHR 2011  119000 miles
My engine light came on so I took it in. Now my coolant temp goes up and down when I'm driving. What could be wrong
Tommy Boy from United States a year ago  

Temperature indicator not working SolvedSolved

Chevrolet HHR 2006  140000 miles
Hi, my problem is that the temperature needle does not move, it does not indicate the temperature, just as if the car were turned off. When checking the antifreeze temperature, it simply indicates "°f" without any temperatures. Hope someone can help me!
Mavine from United States 6 years ago  
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Best answer (according to Mavine)
molly from United States 6 years ago
This happened to me and what was done was a re-programmation of the computer in the agency itself.
Mavine from United States 6 years ago
Hi and thanks for the comment. I've solved the problem myself by simply changing the temperature bulb. It is located behind the engine and in front of the fire wall, in the middle of two water tubes that feed the heating. You need to be careful not to press too much the bulb.
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