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Latest problems

Once Drive jerk winter lights on taking too much acceleration run slow
Chevrolet Epica 2008 2.0L
I have epica 2008 model, it was working properly, but once early morning I start and run its jerk there is winter light becomes on, and after that, it's taking too much acceleration but running very s… 

Indicator security light on the board.
Chevrolet Epica 2008 Black
I have Chevrolet epica 2008, the security light does not on when I turn the ingination on, the car start and off in 2second. What could be the problem.

Not throttling after running for sometime
Chevrolet Epica 2008 VCDi saloon
I have epica VCDi 2008 model and the problem am having is that when driving, it get to a time that it doesn't throttle anymore and sometimes the engine goes off. However, when you wait for few minutes… 

Abs dash lights on
Chevrolet Epica 2008 2.0l diesel
Entire hub/brakes replaced but ecu wont communicate with wheel sensors causing abs light to remain on at 10mph+
Have a spare ecu and that wont communicate either

Acceleration fault
Chevrolet Epica 2007
My car has a problem of hardly picks up fast in acceleration then when it picks up it hardly ever gets to 60 after a few second it falls back to 20 nd it goes off sometimes in the pr… 

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