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Latest problems

Missing when ever you start your car for a while but then goes ok
Chevrolet Epica 2011 Sedan/2.4/v6
I have replaced all 6 coils in epica 2011 model v6 2.4cc but still there is a missing issue in it. When ever you start the ignition it goes fine but after few seconds it start missing for 10 to 15 sec… 

To start my car
Chevrolet Epica 2003 Mobiliser box
Hi I've got a Chevrolet Epica 2003 it's not starting after checking they find out that the Mobiliser box it's not working can have a new one

Gear and no start of engine
Chevrolet Epica 2011 Engine
My car Epica automatic. Suddenly stopped engine and loose gear control, and didn't start again, what problem happen

Transmission problem.
Chevrolet Epica 2009 Sedan
In my 2009 epica. Its gear shift at 70km/h make a jerk. Its noticeable jerk. I had change oil and still it persist. Can you help me to solve it.

Engine starts
Chevrolet Epica 2009 2.5
I have an epicа 2009 lt when the engine starts the car starts shaking and the rpm drops to 500 after 10 seconds it rises and recovers

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