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Will not charge my battery
Chevrolet Colorado 2005
I put a new battery in my truck and it runs the battery dead my alternator is not charging my battery but I put a new alternator in

Gas cap problem
Chevrolet Colorado 2004
Dash lite says gas cap problem
Take cap off put back on!
Problem gone, till the next day,
Gas cap looks ok!
Is it a air leak inside cap?

Funny I have original starter n alternate N waterpump
Chevrolet Colorado 2004
Changed gas cap, in 2012, still have gas cap issue on readout on dash, If I stop truck, shut off engine, take gas cap off, replace cap. Restart engine, light goes out On dash. Every time I drive it. A… 

Using about 2 litres of oil in 10000km
Chevrolet Colorado 2015 2.8
My colorado uses just under 2 litrs of oil in 10km test by holden dealer

Hard to start after putting gas
Chevrolet Colorado 2008 2.9 5 speed
Hard to start after filling up

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