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Latest problems

Cruise control, brake lights and and drivers side turn signal isn't wo
Chevrolet Colorado 2007 2wdr crew cab
What would cause cruise control, brake lights and left turn signal to not work when fuses and light bulbs are good?

Están mal acomodados los reles
Chevrolet Colorado 2020 Rele
Encendi mi Chevrolet colorado tres veces y en cada ves la dejaba encendida unos 30 minutos y esperaba 15 minutos para volverla a encender lo que paso fue que de la nada me empezó a salir humo de la ma… 

Vibration at speed
Chevrolet Colorado 2019 ZR2 3.6L V6 engine code N
Bad vibration at highway speed intermittently. Starts at 75mph and peaks at 80. Factory tires, rotate every oil change. When it slows below 70 vibration stops. Doesn't happen every time and is more pr… 

Fog driving light not working
Chevrolet Colorado 2018 Truck
Fog driving lights don't work

Engine trouble
Chevrolet Colorado 2009 4 door ute Ltr
When taking of car feels like its going to conk out. But if i turn the car off and on again its fine until the next set of lights or a hill i have to turn it off and on again

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