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Starting problems and stalls

Chevrolet Cavalier 1996  120000 miles
Hi everyone, I have a Cavalier 96, 2.2 engine and I need your help. Since the day I bought it, I've been having starting problems. And even worse, sometimes once you finally made it start working, you need to accelerate it continuously or either it stalls. The fuel pump has already been checked and I've been adviced to change the TPS and oxygen sensors. What do you think?
Dolly from United States 5 years ago  
miriam de United States 5 years ago
You should check your car's calibration.
Didi de United States 5 years ago
Hi buddy, try with the crankshaft's sensor or its wiring.

Engine stall

Chevrolet Cavalier 1996 2.2 123009 miles
Runs fine on highway with no problems. When you get to town and stop at stop light it starts to buck and shake and rough engine. It will usually die but let it set a while it will start back up and if you go back on highway it runs great. Have replaced crank sensor and plugs and wires. Any suggestions??
Frustrated from United States 4 years ago  
Grockette de United States 4 years ago
I will let you know if my husband figures it out. My car is having the same problems and I've had it ten years without an issue.
Frustrated de United States 4 years ago
Found the problem to be the fuel pump. New fuel pump and problem solved.

Car stalls after it runs awhile

Chevrolet Cavalier 2002 2.4 1000000 miles
ITT will start them stalls like it doesn't get gas
Theresa from United States 5 years ago  
LAM90 de United States 3 years ago
Please look this up. I also have a 2016 chevy cruze and have been fighting to get something done due to this same issue. Please call the GM corporate offices and complain as well file with the NHTSA and BBB if need be. They have blown me off and don't care to help. Below is the PIP bulletin for this.…

Stalled, on hiway,all warning lights came on ,won't start, battery ok?

Chevrolet Cavalier 1998 4cyl 180000 miles
Wont start,turn the key, nothing just a click,all warning lights came on , battery,ok
Jimmy from United States 2 years ago  
Meza de United States a year ago
Same put new alternator in 2months ago oil light comes on but dont need oil. Before starting problem all dash lights stayed on except blinkers didnt work all asudden went dead. Let set over night still Now battery drained& lights still work but dead battery Just clicks

Rough idle stalls

Chevrolet Cavalier 2004 2.2 echo tek 150 miles
I changed my throttle position sensor but my car still idles rough
Robert_ from United States 4 years ago  
Nate de Canada 4 years ago
Remove the fuel rail and inchectors and clean out the holes were the inchectors go it helped a lot with my 01 cav but make shur you already done a tune up first

Installed a new car stereo & everything died

Chevrolet Cavalier 2000  120000 miles
I replace the factory radio with another radio and now the car won't start and I have headlights only & no power to the interior of my 2000 chevy cavalier. No dash lights or anything but the headlights. Tries to start then kills itself.
Any suggestions?
FlaGator from United States 4 years ago  
Danno de United States 5 months ago
Disconnect the radio wiring, then double check your fuses all work (with key turned forward) and check both sides of each fuse. Then try starting your car.

Stalling and to much fuel

Chevrolet Cavalier 1989 2.0L automatic 60000 miles
Every time I start the car it's putting out too much fuel
Samaus from United States 3 years ago  

Flickering lights and stalling

Chevrolet Cavalier 2002 Chevy Cavalier 4-door 110000 miles
Lights flicker, sometimes the dome light works when the driver door is opened sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes thre is a chime when the headlights are left on, sometimes there isn't. All of this leads me to believe there may be a short? Today the car wouldn't start, then all of a sudden it did start only to stall out a few miles down the road. Prior to stalling all the lights and gages surged. It did start again, got it home. Took off the negative battery cable with it running to check the alternator stayed running. I took the battery out so I can get it checked. Any other ideas?
Chevy 02 from United States 4 years ago  

Stells after warmed up SolvedSolved

Chevrolet Cavalier 1998 2 dr. 2.2 liter 217000 miles
Start the car up when it's cold and runs fine. Gets up to operating temperature and stalls. Tried starting turns over but won't run. Let it cool down for a half an hour will run after starting. Checked coil packs when cold there's spark. Check them after the car stalls out no spark. Replaced coil packs does the same thing. What could it be. It gets fuel cause you can hear the fuel pump running when you turn the key. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.
Mook from United States 4 years ago  
Best answer (according to Mook)
Mook de United States 4 years ago
If anyone out there has this problem. Check for spark if there's no spark then check again after it cools down. If there is spark after cooldown it's the ignition control module behind the coil packs which are mounted onto.

Bogs and stutters when gas pedal floored

Chevrolet Cavalier 1994 sedan 2.2 auto 126000 miles
Car engine bogs and stutters when pedal is pushed to the floor. Once or twice it has backfired and started to stall, caught itself and stutters and lacks power to gain speed.
youse from United States 4 years ago  
halbilly de Canada 4 years ago
Reelays in fuse box
Prity sure
Midway de New Zealand 4 years ago
Ghange the spark plugs, I had this same problem. All fixed now with new plugs
Chris de Australia 3 years ago
I have the same problem but we put new spark plugs in still doing it
youse de United States 3 years ago
Try adding injector cleaner and see if that helps

Starts and stalls

Chevrolet Cavalier 1999  153000 miles
My car was working properly until I suddenly parked it and the engine has never started again.
eli from United States 5 years ago  
hank de United States 5 years ago
It might be happening that the alternator is stuck; you can try removing the bandage. Repair or buy a new alternator and it should start without any problems.

Cranks but No start

Chevrolet Cavalier 2002 LS Sport 2.2L 140000 miles
Drove my car to work one day and drove home. Next morning went to drive it to work again but, wouldn't start. Have replace coil module and spark plugs due to 1,3 having low visible spark. Still no start. Checked timing and appeared to have jumped upper chain 7 teeth. Installed new timing kit and set timing for upper and lower timing chains. Still no start. I'm confused about this. Is there anyone who might know what's going on? Please help. I'm borrowing bosses truck, so really need my car running.
Ace0911 from United States 3 years ago  
Danno de United States 5 months ago
Check the magnet on the crank sensor, I had one break off once, struggled an struggled to figure it out. If you got no signal from the crank sensor, it'll never start.

Help me with this please

Chevrolet Cavalier 2003  2996857 miles
My father says that his 03 cavalier starts fine then once he goes to put on the heater, it starts idlibg rough and almost stalls out what could be the problem
Amberwilms from United States 3 years ago  
Bozz de United States 3 years ago
I would adjust your idol n get some injection cleaner. If not tour pumps locking up

Car will not start

Chevrolet Cavalier 1998 4 dr 250000 miles
When you turn it over it will start but it dies right away. When you go to try it again it won't start. It has a new useds fuel pump with only a week and a half of minimal driving on at a loss here please help!!!!
Tonya from United States 3 years ago  
Riley de United States 2 years ago
I have the same problem with my 1984 Chevrolet cavalier

Wont stay running and missing

Chevrolet Cavalier 1991 Engine or starting 20000 miles
My 1991 Chevy cavalier Wont stay running on its own it was running fine till I put gas in it on the way home it dyed pulling in drive when I went to start it it sounds like it is missing and only 3 cylinders when I let off accelerate it dies what is the problem
Clark from United States 4 years ago  
Mary de New Zealand 3 years ago
I had the same problem I got new spark plugs and coil mines running good

Rough at low speeds

Chevrolet Cavalier 1996 ls 106000 miles
Fuel injectors were leaking. Replaced. O-ring split on install (without knowing). Gas filled (gallons) exhaust system. Fuel was leaking everywhere, blasting out tail pipe, blew a bunch of carbon out. Replaced o-rings. Changed spark plugs. Changed oil filter, replaced oil. Still ran rough. Fan was kicking on when it shouldn't (54 degrees out). Thermostat froze, replaced thermostat. Flushed radiator, replaced coolant. Rough start, once running it runs smooth on the freeway, no missing or anything. Starting scares the crap out of me. Check engine light comes on. It's throwing a code saying fuel to rich (or something like that). Planning on replacing the oxygen sensor. Any other ideas?
sarra711 from United States 7 months ago  

Start good warm runs bad

Chevrolet Cavalier 1988 Z24 2.8 litre 195000 miles
Starts fine sounds smooth. The minute it warms up it misses sputters stall dies. Have to double foot it to get it home. Let it cool off rand repeats all over again. I have replace all the sensors two new brains new cool packs new plugs and wires ran injector cleaner through it sea foam through it i'm ready to scream. One day it started acting up like this nothing traumatic happened to the car. Super frustrated. I read on a blog that where the computer is grounded under the coil packs sometimes the harness look like they are connected but here not getting enough connection they were all right. Any suggestions ? Help
88z24 from United States 3 years ago  

Wont turn over or start

Chevrolet Cavalier 2002 2.2l coupe 190000 miles
My 02 cavalier died when my roommate was driving. It wasnt getting fuel and no sound from fuelpump. It would turn over not start. I replaced pump checked all fuses and relays all good. Then you would hear pump engage with key on still no start but now there is fuel pressure i have fire but seems fuel not getting to injectors. I could spray parts cleaner and car would run till burn off. Thats first problem.
Ok second problem i opened my door to roll up windows car alarm went crazy now it wont turn over nothing. Light is flashing and there is a clicking under dash that clicks then stops bout 30 sec clicks again. Please help. The guys 2 of them are lost. Im a female i know alot but this no...please n thanks
Tlyn from United States 3 years ago  

Radio wont turn on

Chevrolet Cavalier 2000 2.2 207000 miles
Radio was working fine one day then the next it wouldn't power on after I started the car.
At first I thought it was just a bad stock radio considering the car is 18 years old.
Not the case... A few days later the radio magically started working again, thought to myself cool... Low and behold I turn the car off and as soon as I grab the door handle and begin to open the door the radio shuts off and won't come back on again...

I was told it had something to do with the door switch that also controls the dome lights but I replaced that as well as installing a new radio and still nothing...
Suprrio from United States 3 years ago  

Brake pedal is real hard & cars idle is up and down

Chevrolet Cavalier 2003 base automatic 89000 miles
Brake pedal is hard as a rock no power assist also car idles up & down and wants to stall. Scanner is getting p0300 and p0172 and p0180
rollen223 from United States 3 years ago  

Won't start when cold

Chevrolet Cavalier 1994  140000 miles
Ran great all summer. Last winter I replaced alternator and battery. It sat for 3 days and the temp dropped beliw 40. Had a tow truck jump, it started, ran great for 1 day. Idrice it with headlights which quickly started dimming. Pilled in lit and it died. Went in to work 3 hours later it started right up dtove home. No start after.
Mike from United States 4 years ago  

Won't start

Chevrolet Cavalier 2003 03 chevy cavalier 2.2 ecotec  127000 miles
Put new headgasket on time it put back together stared missed bad I forgot to put on fuel injection spacer put them on started up ran fine gave some fuel died and never started back got fire got fuel
Derrick from United States 4 years ago  

Car will not start

Chevrolet Cavalier 2004 2.2 ecotech 190000 miles
Last Monday I got in my car started it and drive 1.5 miles home. It was very loud pulled in my parking lot parked, and turned key off. Waited bout an hour went out and checked my oil and to my surprise there wasn't any registering. I added 2qts and started it waited 10 minutes for car to warm up and noise starting away. Put it reverse backed 15ft changed to drive and it died. No restart. I have thus far have replaced the:
Ckp sensor
Fuel filter
Spark plugs
Fuel regulator
Coil above spark plugs. I'm getting spark and if leave foot on pedal a minute I smell gas. I've checked the pressure and it is right. It also turns over. I am stumped
Cobaltlover from United States 5 years ago  
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