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Electrical problems

Chevrolet Cavalier 1997 Sedan(2 door),2.2 liter 183642 miles
After i start my car it runs good but when i turn to cut it off it stays running so i pull the ignition fuse out to stop it running,i have put in a new ignition switch in and still does the same. 2nd problem,i have to disconnect my battery every time i stop at a store and home if i dont to that i have totally dead battery. I had the altartor,battery,starter checked all is Good. Pleaseee help.
Barb from United States 2 years ago  
colin hare de United States 2 years ago
I am going through the exact same thing. 1997 cavalier 2.4l please please let me know if you figure it out. !

Cluster issues

Chevrolet Cavalier 2003 Coupe 5 speed 150000 miles
Took cluster out and put it in another vehicle. It works fine. But in the cavalier nothing works & accessory lights are on. Checked fuses and they all seem fine. Im wondering if this is some sort of bcm or electrical issue Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Jimmy from United States 3 years ago  
Mook de United States a year ago
Check and make sure the electrical connector is in properly there are several that need to be plugged in. Especially the security light on cluster.

Dash lights quit working after I replaced the heater core

Chevrolet Cavalier 1998 2.2 2dr 5 spd 345000 miles
Up until I replaced the heater core a couple days ago, all of the lights on and in my car worked fine, after I finished putting the dash back together I went for a drive and noticed as it was getting dark that my dash lights are not working. So I went home and grabbed my 12 v light tester and checked all of the fuses with the lights turned on and the ignition on. All of the fuses are good, so I took apart the dash and traced the wires back to the instrument cluster, everything seems good but still no dash lights??? Could somebody please help me with this? Thank you
Towmaster77 from Canada a year ago  


Chevrolet Cavalier 2004 Coup 2.2 ecotec  248000 miles
No power to fuel pump fuses and a few other fuses car cranks. But won't. Start
Tyes from United States 2 years ago  

Wont turn over or start

Chevrolet Cavalier 2002 2.2l coupe 190000 miles
My 02 cavalier died when my roommate was driving. It wasnt getting fuel and no sound from fuelpump. It would turn over not start. I replaced pump checked all fuses and relays all good. Then you would hear pump engage with key on still no start but now there is fuel pressure i have fire but seems fuel not getting to injectors. I could spray parts cleaner and car would run till burn off. Thats first problem.
Ok second problem i opened my door to roll up windows car alarm went crazy now it wont turn over nothing. Light is flashing and there is a clicking under dash that clicks then stops bout 30 sec clicks again. Please help. The guys 2 of them are lost. Im a female i know alot but this no...please n thanks
Tlyn from United States 2 years ago  
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