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Radio Doesn’t Have Power

Chevrolet Cavalier 2000 2.2 coupe  125000 miles
I put a new radio in using all correct wire harness needed. Everything is connected correctly but when I start the car I have no power to the radio. Any ideas all would be helpful.
TBuquet from United States 5 months ago  

Service check engine light

Chevrolet Cavalier 2002  124367 miles
My service check engine light just barely came on in my car
Mikirey1 from United States 8 months ago  
Porky Pig de Canada 7 months ago
Have a 2000 Z24 have had all the issues you people do found a little 3 inch hose coming off the map sensor to the fuel injection replace the hose my TCP traction control went off engine check light went off ABS lights went off hope this helps you mechanics are assholes

The oil pump

Chevrolet Cavalier 2001 4 door 2500000 miles
The oil pump don't act like it is getting a nuff pressure
Shaggy from United States 9 months ago  

Shaking and sounds like wheel is bending and crunching

Chevrolet Cavalier 2002 2.4 30100000 miles
It has new rotors new brakes new hub but shakes and clinks as soon as you touch breaks unless you hit on breaks hard
Spataliana from United States 10 months ago  
Spataliana de United States 10 months ago
I haven't gotten it fixed but someone said it could be rear brakes so I'm going to check them tomarrow

Rough at low speeds

Chevrolet Cavalier 1996 ls 106000 miles
Fuel injectors were leaking. Replaced. O-ring split on install (without knowing). Gas filled (gallons) exhaust system. Fuel was leaking everywhere, blasting out tail pipe, blew a bunch of carbon out. Replaced o-rings. Changed spark plugs. Changed oil filter, replaced oil. Still ran rough. Fan was kicking on when it shouldn't (54 degrees out). Thermostat froze, replaced thermostat. Flushed radiator, replaced coolant. Rough start, once running it runs smooth on the freeway, no missing or anything. Starting scares the crap out of me. Check engine light comes on. It's throwing a code saying fuel to rich (or something like that). Planning on replacing the oxygen sensor. Any other ideas?
sarra711 from United States a year ago  

Starting problems

Chevrolet Cavalier 2004 cavalier 147000 miles
Replaced starter, tps sensor, plugs, ign mod, coil, fuel filter, ckp sensor, ckd bat, cleaned fuel pressure reg, ckd timing chain. Still wont start almost eith gas pedal to floor help
zuperdave53 from United States 2 years ago  
Ant$$ de United States 2 years ago
Try your injectors but it may be your ECM cause u know any an everything about these car's

Stalled, on hiway,all warning lights came on ,won't start, battery ok?

Chevrolet Cavalier 1998 4cyl 180000 miles
Wont start,turn the key, nothing just a click,all warning lights came on , battery,ok
Jimmy from United States 2 years ago  
Meza de United States a year ago
Same put new alternator in 2months ago oil light comes on but dont need oil. Before starting problem all dash lights stayed on except blinkers didnt work all asudden went dead. Let set over night still Now battery drained& lights still work but dead battery Just clicks

Dash lights quit working after I replaced the heater core

Chevrolet Cavalier 1998 2.2 2dr 5 spd 345000 miles
Up until I replaced the heater core a couple days ago, all of the lights on and in my car worked fine, after I finished putting the dash back together I went for a drive and noticed as it was getting dark that my dash lights are not working. So I went home and grabbed my 12 v light tester and checked all of the fuses with the lights turned on and the ignition on. All of the fuses are good, so I took apart the dash and traced the wires back to the instrument cluster, everything seems good but still no dash lights??? Could somebody please help me with this? Thank you
Towmaster77 from Canada 3 years ago  

Car won't start

Chevrolet Cavalier 1996 2.2l 180000 miles
I've change the battery and starter in the car still won't kick on so I replaced the starter again and the solenoid and it won't kick on but it will kick on with a screwdriver I help I need my car
Babyg from United States 3 years ago  
Danno de United States 9 months ago
Check your fuse box under the dash on drivers side & the fuse box under the hood, for an ignition related fuse that's blown.

New starter car well not start

Chevrolet Cavalier 2001 2.2 l 200000 miles
I put a new stater in my car. Then i need a jump start. Started up then about 15 min it stole out and now all i here is a clicking noise and it wont start.
godsmack42070 from United States 3 years ago  

Drivers head light dimmer than passenger help!

Chevrolet Cavalier 1998 Cavalier 2 door 270000 miles
Drivers headlights are dimmer than passengers low beams and high beams. I've changed all 6 light bulbs (drivers and passenger front lights) and the drivers side is still dimmer. Any ideas?
Cdevisser from Canada 3 years ago  

Speeds up without stepping on gas in all gears and nuetral ,

Chevrolet Cavalier 2001 manual 225000 miles
Not able to stop without turning car off. It will not slow down, scarey to drive. Both shops i took car to, mechanic not able to help us.
Evon from United States 3 years ago  

Brakes locked

Chevrolet Cavalier 2000 Cavalier  15900 miles
The frount brakes are locked and wont turn car dont move forward
Sambo from United States 3 years ago  

Trunk won't stay open

Chevrolet Cavalier 2001 2door, 2.2 L,  220000 miles
My trunk opens and shuts but it won't stay open I have to prop it up with something it has to cross members and that's it
Dillybar21 from United States 3 years ago  

Stereo ,0 sound with plenty of juice.

Chevrolet Cavalier 2003  90000000000000 miles
I went through around 6 months with a BIG system in my cav. One day I was rewiring something n it just quit n said I fixed the lock it still won't peep a noise
Bozz from United States 3 years ago  

Car won’t start acts like it wants to but doesn’t

Chevrolet Cavalier 2000 4 cylinder 204000 miles
I had the radiator hose replaced and then 2 days later it didn’t want to start and then after it sat for a few hours it started right back up. I took it to the shop but he found another hose bad and replaced that hose and told me that the antifreeze censor is making it not want to start but didn’t replace the censor and now my car don’t want to start at all even after sitting
KimK from United States 3 years ago  

Car won’t start but acts like it wants to

Chevrolet Cavalier 2000 4 cylinder 160000 miles
I had a radiator hose issue and had the shop put it back on then 2 days later my car wouldn’t start then 4 hours later it started again. I went back to shop and he told me it could be the sensor for antifreeze but didn’t change it out now it’s doing the same thing again but won’t start even after 4 hours acts like it wants to but doesn’t
KimK from United States 3 years ago  
KimK de United States 3 years ago
Should i replace the censor myself on my 2000 chevy cavalier to see if that is the problem

When i turn the key on there is a clicking nosie

Chevrolet Cavalier 2005  143500 miles
When i start my car there is a clicking nosie even when i turn the key on
lisa from United States 3 years ago  

Right blinker indicator stays lit all the time.

Chevrolet Cavalier 1995 2.2 2 door  20000 miles
Blinkers still work, but on the dash right indicator light stays solid on all the time.
Colten from United States 3 years ago  

Hoses cleaking

Chevrolet Cavalier 1992  60000 miles
I I have a hose that is cracked but I don't know the name r number to tell anyone
amullins from United States 3 years ago  

Cranks but No start

Chevrolet Cavalier 2002 LS Sport 2.2L 140000 miles
Drove my car to work one day and drove home. Next morning went to drive it to work again but, wouldn't start. Have replace coil module and spark plugs due to 1,3 having low visible spark. Still no start. Checked timing and appeared to have jumped upper chain 7 teeth. Installed new timing kit and set timing for upper and lower timing chains. Still no start. I'm confused about this. Is there anyone who might know what's going on? Please help. I'm borrowing bosses truck, so really need my car running.
Ace0911 from United States 3 years ago  
Danno de United States 9 months ago
Check the magnet on the crank sensor, I had one break off once, struggled an struggled to figure it out. If you got no signal from the crank sensor, it'll never start.

Crank but no start

Chevrolet Cavalier 1994  225000 miles
Dash lights that come on when you turn the key on don't come on now car will crank but no start talking about oil light and everything like that before the car starts had the problem before we take the key out put it back in then it would be fine now nothing
Aaron from United States 3 years ago  

Electrical problems

Chevrolet Cavalier 1997 Sedan(2 door),2.2 liter 183642 miles
After i start my car it runs good but when i turn to cut it off it stays running so i pull the ignition fuse out to stop it running,i have put in a new ignition switch in and still does the same. 2nd problem,i have to disconnect my battery every time i stop at a store and home if i dont to that i have totally dead battery. I had the altartor,battery,starter checked all is Good. Pleaseee help.
Barb from United States 3 years ago  
colin hare de United States 3 years ago
I am going through the exact same thing. 1997 cavalier 2.4l please please let me know if you figure it out. !

Dome light issues

Chevrolet Cavalier 2005  110000 miles
Dome light stays on when vehicle is idling.
Goes out when vehicle is moving.
debray from Canada 3 years ago  


Chevrolet Cavalier 2004 Coup 2.2 ecotec  248000 miles
No power to fuel pump fuses and a few other fuses car cranks. But won't. Start
Tyes from United States 3 years ago  

Help me with this please

Chevrolet Cavalier 2003  2996857 miles
My father says that his 03 cavalier starts fine then once he goes to put on the heater, it starts idlibg rough and almost stalls out what could be the problem
Amberwilms from United States 3 years ago  
Bozz de United States 3 years ago
I would adjust your idol n get some injection cleaner. If not tour pumps locking up

Crank, no start, no fuel pressure

Chevrolet Cavalier 2002 Base. 2.2L 190000 miles
New parts: battery, fuel pump assembly and filter, fuel pump relay.
No pressure at the fuel rail, have spark. No codes.
Steven from United States 3 years ago  

No start backfire

Chevrolet Cavalier 2001 Z24 2.r 185000 miles
Bought the car and guy said timing jumped. Bought a new timing set replaced all that and lined up all the sprockets in the correct spots. Car turns over rough and back fires with now start. Any help would be appreciated thanks
Scott from United States 3 years ago  

Start good warm runs bad

Chevrolet Cavalier 1988 Z24 2.8 litre 195000 miles
Starts fine sounds smooth. The minute it warms up it misses sputters stall dies. Have to double foot it to get it home. Let it cool off rand repeats all over again. I have replace all the sensors two new brains new cool packs new plugs and wires ran injector cleaner through it sea foam through it i'm ready to scream. One day it started acting up like this nothing traumatic happened to the car. Super frustrated. I read on a blog that where the computer is grounded under the coil packs sometimes the harness look like they are connected but here not getting enough connection they were all right. Any suggestions ? Help
88z24 from United States 3 years ago  

Wont turn over or start

Chevrolet Cavalier 2002 2.2l coupe 190000 miles
My 02 cavalier died when my roommate was driving. It wasnt getting fuel and no sound from fuelpump. It would turn over not start. I replaced pump checked all fuses and relays all good. Then you would hear pump engage with key on still no start but now there is fuel pressure i have fire but seems fuel not getting to injectors. I could spray parts cleaner and car would run till burn off. Thats first problem.
Ok second problem i opened my door to roll up windows car alarm went crazy now it wont turn over nothing. Light is flashing and there is a clicking under dash that clicks then stops bout 30 sec clicks again. Please help. The guys 2 of them are lost. Im a female i know alot but this no...please n thanks
Tlyn from United States 3 years ago  
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