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Latest problems

Is it my head gasket
Chevrolet Aveo 2012 Hatchback
When car reaches temperature, water is bubbling back into expansion tank and being forced out the overflow. Sent a video of it to my mechanic. He thinks gasket but never actually examined the car. I… 

Low mileage
Chevrolet Aveo 2006
Engine warning light,abs light,some time hand break light also coming

I have Fueling issue
Chevrolet Aveo 2011 Hatch back 1.6
My Aveo hatch back 2011 1.6 consume more fuel. Send it to my mechanic to check on it he said I should check if the converter catalyst is working properly, I sent it to exhaust specialist to check and… 

Turns over wont start clearly hear fuel pump engage when key turned on
Chevrolet Aveo 2006
Ran fine parked it wont start, turns over and i can hear fuel pump engage when i turn key on

Faulty petrol gauge
Chevrolet Aveo 2008 Sedan
Petrol gauge needle stays high even when the tank is empty but when I turn the key off goes down

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